2014 Update: Last Train to Babylon and the Writing Life

I know I’m late with this. January is basically over, but I’ve been meaning to write an update for the new year. And 2013 was definitely a life-changing year, maybe even the most so far. I turned 25, and some pretty incredible things happened. For one, I wrote a book, signed a book deal, upgraded to a new apartment in NYC, did some awesome traveling, and basically became an all around adult. Well, almost.

Here’s what happened in 2013:

I Re-fell in love with writing. Not unlike the main character  in Last Train to Babylon, I spent a year out of college working in journalism. It was 24/7 news site, so I burnt out pretty quickly. My off time was spent funneling wine and partaking in dance parties with my fellow flailing coworkers.  Carpel tunnel and pure exhaustion curbed any desire to write creatively; so I stopped. When I quit and turned in my MacBook to the company, I even waited a whole year before buying a replacement computer, because I just wanted to unplug, dammit. I was just le tired.

In 2013, I got my jive back. I wrote a book, edited a book (still editing), and I’m waiting patiently for said book to launch. Which by the way, comes out in fall 2014.

I built a website. Which if you’re reading this, you obviously know. It makes me feel legit, but it definitely needs a makeover with the new book description and cover reveal (hopefully all happening within the next few months).

Here’s what to expect in 2014:

I will become a social media queen. Even with everything that happened last year — the book deal and the writing and a website — I’m still finding it hard to visualize myself as a real writer, like an actual career author who writes books for a living. I still work a full-time job in PR, I’m still in the process of editing Last Train, and I’ve started mapping out a second book TBA. But things are happening fast. I’m about to turn in my second round of edits, book cover is in the works, and I should be hearing about marketing and PR very soon. But ATM, I’m sort of at a standstill with social media — at least for my author-self. I’d like to change that.

I mean it’s real. It’s all happening, but how can I really garner a following with something that doesn’t really even exist yet? At least as far as my future readers are concerned.  And Twitter is the worst offender. I feel like I’m constantly putting myself out there, trying to be all Twitter-savvy and attempting to make friends, only to be met with a metaphorical YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US! I’m a creeper by nature. I always have been. So it’s truly a struggle to Tweet and post on Facebook while being myself.

You Can't Sit with us

So in 2014, I will change this. My goal is to reach 1,000 Twitter followers. I will definitely need a lot of help with this. So anyone reading this, help a girl out! I am @Char_Fam, btw, because you probably didn’t know. And just for future ref: #LastTrain #LastTraintoBabylon #LTTB – Please feel free to vote on the hashtag via Twitter.

I will be more focused. I’m obsessed with my dog.  It’s not a secret. But I must stop letting him dictate my productivity. As you can see, Marv likes to plop himself down right in the middle of my writing station. And then I stop what I’m doing to Instagram it. And then I lurk on Twitter, even though nobody acknowledges me, and then I decide I need a snack, a glass of wine, etc. etc.





Seriously, how can I get ANY work done with this face?

Not the worst writing environment.

Not the worst writing environment

I will get out more to write. When I’ve had enough menacing at the hands of my dog, and I’m on deadline,  I’ll take my work elsewhere. I’ve grown quite fond of Le Pain Quotidien. It’s unnecessarily expensive, but it’s a block away, it’s not Starbucks, and I won’t be judged for plopping down with my MacBook and ordering an assortment of breads, cheeses and jams all for myself. I get a lot more work done here than I do at home. That’s obvious. I need to do this more.

I mean...this spread.

I mean…I can live like this.

I will get to the gym. If I’m going to gorge on cheese and bread for the sake of art, I need to make sure I’m balancing that with a rigorous workout routine. Just because I want to become more writer-ly, doesn’t mean I should become a recluse and forgo physical activity.


So that’s it for now — some things to expect from your favorite new neighborhood author, Charlee Fam. And remember, #LastTraintoBabylon/#LastTrain/#LTTB comes out from William Morrow in fall 2014. So stay tuned for all the details.

Maybe once I have some actual news to share, I’ll get some Twitter love. But in the meantime, I’ll just be down the street at Le Pain, writing and eating cheese.

Charlee Fam is a twenty-something, award-winning writer living in New York City. She recently completed her first novel, Last Train to Babylon.

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  1. Sean McKeon says:

    Cant wait for the book release!

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