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In Defense of the Unlikeable Character

From San Francisco Book Review: It happened in San Francisco. It was nearly four a.m., and I still hadn’t adjusted to west coast time. I passed the hours in bed, alternating between games of Candy Crush and Twitter. As a

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Last Train to Babylon Nominated RT Book Review’s Reader’s Choice Award

RT Book Reviews has named Last Train to Babylon a Reader’s Choice Award nominee for the Mainstream Fiction category! Check it out:

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What People are Saying about Last Train to Babylon

Betches Love This  “Even if you aren’t physically headed home anytime soon, Aubrey’s story will give you an emotional kick in the stomach. Your icy soul might actually feel something for once. You’ll relate to her very public, drunken meltdown,

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Last Train to Babylon Available for Pre-Order

A lot of people have been asking how to get their hands on a copy of  Last Train to Babylon. It’s currently available for pre-order, so I thought I’d make it easier for everyone and just post the links here.

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Release Date for Last Train!!!

Big news. I have an official release date for Last Train to Babylon. Are you ready????? Scroll down to find out. ******************************************* **************** **** * **** **************** *********************************************** **************** **** * **** **************** ******************************************* **************** **** * **** **************** *******************************************

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Weekend in Austin: Foodie Paradise


From Blog: As the polar vortex makes an encore appearance in the Midwest and Northeast, it’s hard not to feel nostalgic for my recent trip to Austin — and it’s certainly not surprising that 1,000 people are relocating to the Texan

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10 Books for the Twenty-Something Reader

Reconstructing Amelia, Kimberly McCreight

From Forever Twenty-Somethings: Between my full-time job, writing, my busy television schedule, and the occasional happy hour, I rarely have time to read. But over the past year, I’ve forced myself to delve into at least one novel a month,

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Descriptive Copy for Last Train

Last week, I put the finishing touches on Last Train to Babylon. Now it’s off to production! In the meantime, here is the official description. *** Fans of Alice Sebold and John Green will be transfixed by this sophisticated, edgy

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Top 10 Reads of 2013

Where'd You Go, Bernadette?

I know this is late again. 2013 was sooooo last year. But I’ve been meaning to put together a post of my top picks for last year. Somehow between finishing Last Train to Babylon, and what feels like a million

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2014 Update: Last Train to Babylon and the Writing Life

You Can't Sit with us

I know I’m late with this. January is basically over, but I’ve been meaning to write an update for the new year. And 2013 was definitely a life-changing year, maybe even the most so far. I turned 25, and some

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