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Happy Halloween

Oscar the Grouch - Age 3?

I love Halloween. It’s my number one season. But for some reason I never fully embrace it as I should. I half-ass costumes and wait until the hour before to throw something together, and I never have a plan. Still,

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Facebook Official


Hey friends. I’m now up and running on Facebook. Check it out here or go to and Like the page. Like any relationship or important event, it’s not real life until it’s Facebook official.   

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From Class to the Concrete Jungle: An Open Letter to College Graduates

Photo by Allan Zepeda

From Forever Twenty Somethings: There was a time when I paid seven dollars for a two hour open bar. Yes, seven dollars, every weekend. And you know what? I complained about it. We all did. We were outraged that such

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Domestication Nation: PLL Day Crockpot Chicken FajitAs


From Forever Twenty Somethings: Thanks to Forever Twenty Somethings and peer pressure from more middle school girls than I care to admit, I was recently lured into a dark, spiraling hole of paranoia – aka the ABC Family hit series Pretty Little

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Domestication Nation: Buff Shrimp Recipe


From Forever Twenty Somethings: If you’re like me, then you spend a good portion of your Sunday mornings Sundays, hung over, wrapped in a blanket, watching Barefoot Contessa marathons on the Food Network — wondering why it is that you have to show up for work tomorrow

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Once Upon a Time in Iceland


From Blog: Before my trip in August 2009, there were only three things I knew about Iceland: It’s an island in Europe; it’s actually quite green, despite the country’s misleading name; and it spawned the swan-wearing pop star Bjork. So when

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The 12 Days of Gifts: What to Get Your Mom


From Forever Twenty Somethings: For The Classy Mom The Gift: Pandora Bracelet and Charms The Price: $55 and up It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Literally. Just get her a new charm for every birthday, holiday, Mother’s Day. You’ll be covered

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Glen Cove’s Missing Generation

From AOL’s It’s called the “Brain Drain” – the emigration of a group of people from one location to another based on a number of factors. And it’s happening right in your hometown. Continue reading: Glen Cove’s Missing Generation @

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Young Residents Turn to Biking

From AOL’s Long Island native and business owner John Skvarla just moved back into his parents’ Sea Cliff home, and says there’s been one way he’s saved money: biking. Continue reading: Young Residents Turn to Biking @

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