In Defense of the Unlikeable Character

In-Defense-of-the-Unlikeable-Character1From San Francisco Book Review:

It happened in San Francisco. It was nearly four a.m., and I still hadn’t adjusted to west coast time. I passed the hours in bed, alternating between games of Candy Crush and Twitter.

As a debut author, I spend a lot of time Googling my novel, and up until this point, there hadn’t being anything to suggest anyone actually read it. I typed Last Train to Babylon into the Twitter search bar. My release date was still three months away, so I didn’t expect new results. But on this rainy morning in July, as my iPhone glowed from under the covers, I found myself face-to-face with my first review. And it wasn’t good.

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Charlee Fam is a twenty-something, award-winning writer living in New York City. She recently completed her first novel, Last Train to Babylon.

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